George T. Dunn

Senior Vice President – Development


George T. Dunn is Senior Vice President – Development. Dunn, who has been with Newfield for more than 20 years is responsible for managing the Land, Reservoir and Exploration functions. Previously, he served as Vice President – Mid-Continent where he led a team that continues the development of the Woodford Shale and other resource plays in the region. Dunn also served as Vice President – Gulf Coast where he headed the development of joint ventures to expand operations in south Texas. Prior to this position, he was General Manager – Gulf Coast. Dunn took over responsibility for the onshore Gulf Coast effort in mid-2001 and was responsible for the integration of the Company's acquisition of EEX Corporation and the resulting growth. Before managing the Gulf Coast operations, Dunn was the general manager of Newfield's Western Gulf of Mexico division. Prior to joining Newfield in 1992, Dunn was employed by Meridian Oil Company and Tenneco Oil Company. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association. Dunn holds a degree in petroleum engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.