Corporate Ethics

Code Of Business Conduct And Ethics

Newfield's management and board of directors are committed to doing business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Our employees help keep Newfield's standards high and we want every job to be performed in a fair, honest and ethical manner. We encourage the same performance by our vendors, customers and partners.

Newfield's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics details the Company's values and policies on this subject. Each employee is required to read and understand it. The complete Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other pertinent corporate governance information can be found at:

Employee Compensation

Pay for Performance

We are known for paying for performance. Employees are compensated through a combination of salary, cash bonus, deferred bonus and Newfield common stock. Our bonus pool is derived as a percentage of the Company's net income.

Compensation is based on performance and we reward those who add value during the year. For example, if an employee discovers a significant oil or natural gas discovery, his or her pay will reflect that contribution. Performance also means conducting operations in a safe manner with regards for environmental impact of our operations.

"People" make the difference at Newfield.

Diverse experiences and skill sets among employees provide a competitive advantage in our operations. A cross section of our employees reveals backgrounds from major oil companies, small and large independents, private oil and gas companies and recent college graduates. We have an active intern and recruitment program to attract the best and brightest minds in scientific and technical fields recruited from leading colleges and universities. Employees are empowered to make decisions and capture opportunities with a focus on profitably growing reserves and production to create long-term shareholder value. Although we have grown rapidly, we work hard to preserve our culture.

Equity Ownership

Owners make the best employees. We reward and encourage employees through equity ownership and incentive compensation based on performance and profitability. A significant portion of our employees' compensation is discretionary and performance-based.