2017-2018 Corporate Responsibility

Letter From Lee K. Boothby

Newfield's Chairman, President and CEO

Each year as I reflect over the many actions that the Company and our employees take to deliver environmentally-responsible performance, I am amazed at the extent of what our team continues to accomplish.

Lee Boothby

Our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices has been a part of the Company’s DNA since its inception almost 30 years ago. Sustainability is not something we just talk about, it’s something we practice every day at Newfield. We proactively track, measure, analyze and capture our data and the resulting information consistently.

Developing our nation’s abundant natural energy resources while maintaining the ecological balance of our operating areas is an enduring commitment we’ve made to our stockholders, employees and the communities where we operate. Corporate responsibility is fundamental to our license to operate—ensuring we manage our risks effectively and enhance our operating processes.

Providing quantifiable and qualifiable information in the form of a corporate responsibility report has been one way we continuously connect with our stakeholders to demonstrate our commitment to operating sustainably. This year we’re presenting our corporate responsibility content in an online format to make it more accessible to our stakeholders.

This “evergreen” style of reporting means we can quickly and easily update relevant data as it becomes available, streamlining the reporting process. We’ve also consolidated text to facilitate online readability and highlight what’s most important.





Since 2015, Newfield has presented all corporate responsibility materials in an online format to improve accessibility and provide transparency. Data is refreshed regularly in this format, and date of last update is listed at the bottom of each page. For the first time this year, a three-year performance summary of key metrics is available for download.


Launched in August 2017, our Barton Water Recycling Facility is located on 30 acres in Oklahoma’s STACK play in the Anadarko Basin. This beneficial facility recycles flowback and produced water from our operations in the area. Read more about the facility and our water resource management program.


Collaborating with other leading oil and natural gas companies, Newfield signed-up for the Environmental Partnership—a new, voluntary environmental initiative focused on proactively reducing emissions from energy production. Learn more about our air quality efforts. 


Employees on site


We have created a culture where upholding the highest ethical standards is the right and only choice. We treat our stockholders, business partners and neighboring communities with integrity and respect.



We are committed to a culture of safety and responsible environmental stewardship, and to the health and safety of everyone working with us.


Our People

We believe in recruiting the best and the brightest talent our industry has to offer. We take pride in hiring and retaining college graduates and industry professionals who represent a variety of backgrounds with wide-ranging skills and have a passion for delivering top-tier performance.

Our Citizenship

Engaging in causes that are meaningful to us and our communities has been a long-standing tradition at Newfield. We believe it’s important to give back to the communities where we operate and where our employees live and work.




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