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Government Affairs

Public policy decisions at the federal, state and local levels can impact our business and the industry. We work with government officials to ensure that legislative and regulatory proposals affecting our stakeholders provide realistic solutions for the certainty of our long-term operations. We work actively with lawmakers in every state where we operate and in Washington, D.C.

Over the past year, we have been proactive on hydraulic fracturing regulations for public and Indian lands, air and water emissions, species protection and saltwater disposal well rules. We hosted congressional and executive agency personnel at drilling sites to educate them about our operations and the extensive federal and state regulations governing our business. We testified at the federal level on hydraulic fracturing and continued to educate our personnel on issues in the public eye.



State law makers tour a Newfield drilling site and learn about America’s energy renaissance and the industry's safe and proven drilling and completion technologies. Pat McCelvey, asset general manager, Newfield (second from left), discusses drilling operations with Oklahoma Representative Mike Sanders (third from left), Mike Pellessier, drilling superintendent, Newfield(left) and Brook Simmons, government affairs manager, Newfield (right) .



Lawmakers get a close look at drilling and completions as part of an ongoing Newfield and Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association effort to educate members of the legislature, governor’s staff and key state agency personnel

Over the past year Newfield has reached out to its royalty owners to educate them on a number of public policy issues, including repeal of the 1975 crude oil export ban. The ban increased U.S. reliance on oil from foreign nations where safety and environmental considerations are less important and oil profits sometimes are funneled to dangerous non-state actors. By lifting the ban in December 2015, the U.S. Congress moved to keep gasoline prices lower and less volatile, helped create American jobs, helped safeguard future royalty checks and supported U.S. allies challenged by a lack of dependable energy supplies.



Lloyd Hetrick, Newfield operations engineering advisor, testified on the future of hydraulic fracturing on federally-managed lands in a 2015 hearing of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources. He stated the future of oil and gas production on federal and Indian lands is uncertain as a result of the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed hydraulic fracturing rule and other complicating and costly air, water and species regulations.

“Every day, independent oil and gas companies like Newfield make key decisions on where to invest our drilling capital. We weigh not only the potential quantity and quality of resources available, but also the regulatory uncertainties that may impede our ability to bring those resources to market economically,” Hetrick said.

A federal court has struck down the BLM hydraulic fracturing rule.



Jim Zernell, Newfield’s vice president for completions, testified before the EPA Chartered Science Advisory Board on an EPA draft report on hydraulic fracturing and groundwater. Zernell shared his experience and hands-on knowledge of drilling, completing and producing wells while affirming Newfield’s culture of safety and commitment to good practices.



U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-Montana, discussed challenges facing the federal government and industry at a recent employee event. “Our greatest opportunity as a country is our energy. If there’s one avenue we need to go down, it’s energy independence,” Zinke said. We actively seek bipartisan opportunities to increase policymakers’ awareness of industry and shareholder issues while expanding employee understanding of how our actions influence public policy choices at every level of government. 


Memberships and Associations

Our active memberships with state and federal trade organizations include:

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