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Our People

We believe in recruiting the best and the brightest talent our industry has to offer. We take pride in hiring and retaining college graduates and industry professionals who represent a variety of backgrounds with wide-ranging skills and have a passion for delivering top-tier performance.


Workforce Diversity

Our workforce diversity contributes to a unique culture that encourages open dialogue, an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to excellence in everything we do. Talented employees always have and will continue to be our number one asset. Their creativity and dedication are key to our success.

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Developing Our Workforce


Over the past year, we have focused extensively on employee training across the organization. Our curriculum is designed to enable employees and the Company to align performance and development with our business strategy and identify expectations for success.  

kirboTo enhance our leadership development training, we continue to implement our in-depth succession planning program. The program assists us in identifying, developing and preparing members of Team Newfield for future leadership roles in the organization. We also launched a robust development curriculum which is linked to our succession planning efforts and designed to further prepare high potential employees for critical leadership roles.

To learn more about our people and life at Newfield, visit the Careers page.