Safety & Environmental Stewardship


A Core Value

We are committed to a culture of safety and responsible environmental stewardship, and to the health and safety of everyone working with us.



Commitment to Safety

To demonstrate our commitment to safety and the environment, 10% of our employees annual incentive performance is tied to SERC results.


Stop Work Responsibility Policy

Every member of Team Newfield has the authority and responsibility to “stop work” on a location to address unsafe behaviors or conditions... preventing safety or environmental incidents. Since July 2015, our employees have stopped and documented 112 work-related events.

SERC Management Approach

Our SERC Management System helps us better manage risks and drives continuous performance improvements across the organization. The approach delivers systematic and repeatable safety, environmental and regulatory compliance outcomes with benefits that are far-reaching and promote a positive SERC culture. In 2015, we continued a multi-year roll out of the system and emphasized awareness, compliance and competency.