Community Impacts

Engaging with the communities where we operate is an important responsibility. We have an ongoing proactive community relations program in each of our operating areas that includes one-on-one meetings, rig tours, open houses, public presentations and interviews with our key stakeholders. Our land group, working in tandem with our operational teams, plays an active role in responding to and addressing any questions, issues, or concerns in the community. Our stakeholders are comprised of land and mineral owners, civic associations, elected officials and regulatory bodies, news media and the general public.

To report a complaint, emergency or violation of our code of conduct, we have multiple toll free numbers available. Landowners and others residing in the communities where we operate can utilize these numbers if a problem occurs. The first number dials directly into our safety, environmental and regulatory department, a second toll-free number rings into our royalty and land owner relations line, the third is a 24-hour emergency hotline and the fourth is a 24/7 ethics line to report any code of conduct violations.




When we receive a call from any stakeholder on one of our hotlines, we respond and follow-up promptly to address any concerns or issues. Some of the most frequent complaints that we address in every operating area are dust, traffic, noise, odor or property damage.

This past year, our Land department logged 275 calls related to surface questions, initiation of operations, bonus payments and pooling.

Data resulting from the calls that we receive are reported and evaluated by our technical, operational and leadership teams to determine the best solutions. Pertinent issues are reported to the Board by our SERC and operational teams during regular quarterly meetings. We continue to link management accountability and compensation to our safety and environmental performance. See our Proxy materials for more information.