Founding Principles, Vision, Mission and Core Values

Newfield Strategy

We are guided by our FOUNDING BUSINESS PRINCIPLES. These Principles are the foundation for our success and are practiced everyday in running our current business and creating our future strategy.

Talented Employees

Talented Employees are the base on which Newfield Exploration was founded in 1988. "Team Newfield" comprises the best and brightest talent our industry has to offer. Their creativity and commitment are key to our success.


We are focused on distinct geographic regions where our people have a competitive advantage. Our assets are more alike than different, allowing us to effectively shift people and capital to our highest return areas.

Balance of Exploration and Acquisitions

Our growth has come through the proven expertise of finding and developing hydrocarbon resources through the drill bit. Additionally, select acquisitions have accelerated entry into new geographic areas.

Emphasis on Technology and Teamwork

Since our beginning, we have coupled major-company technology with the mindset of an independent. By investing in the latest technologies, we give our people the tools they need for success.

Mindset of an Independent

As an independent, we are singularly focused on the discovery and development of hydrocarbon resources. With this focus, we have flexibility and can make decisions quickly to capture attractive opportunities.

Control of Operations

We prefer to operate our activities and control our operations. We typically have a high working interest and operate the majority of our production.

Employee Ownership

Owners make the best employees. We reward and encourage employees through equity ownership and incentive compensation based on both company and individual performance.


To be recognized as the premier independent E&P company, delivering operational excellence, top tier business results and value to our shareholders, employees and the communities in which we live and work.


People, passion and pride combine to power our future. With an entrepreneurial spirit, we work hard every day to find and produce oil, natural gas and related products safely, responsibly and profitably for the benefit of our stakeholders.



We pursue excellence in everything that we do. We are passionate about delivering industry-leading performance throughout our Company.


We uphold high ethical standards and treat our shareholders, business partners and neighboring communities with integrity and respect. We play by the rules, do the right thing and allow the character of our employees to define us.

Safety & Environment

We are committed to a culture of safety and responsible environmental stewardship, and to the health and safety of everyone working with us.


We are owners and treat every asset, project and investment as our own. We are committed to profitably growing our business and creating long-term shareholder value.

Innovation & Collaboration

We work to leverage the best technologies, develop superior processes and deliver optimum performance. Success is defined as getting the right things done right.


We believe that adaptability is a competitive advantage. We embrace change and constantly evolve our strategies to remain competitive, profitable and relevant.