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Newfield Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

We have a role in maintaining corporate responsibility through social, environmental and economic systems. The dimensions of sustainability involve our impact at local, national and global levels.

Through our actions, and the empowerment of our people, we strive to do what is right for our investors, employees, communities and business partners. We are dedicated to assuring that the Company's business and operations have a minimal impact on the environment.

Lee K. Boothby Lee K. Boothby

Prior to my current role, I led the Mid-Continent Region operations and development of the Woodford Shale of southeastern Oklahoma. I saw first hand in the Woodford how resource development by Newfield and care for the environment go hand-in-hand.

Our Company began business in 1989 with a sole exploration and production focus in the Gulf of Mexico. Our environmental, health and safety programs for offshore operations gained many awards over the years including two prestigious SAFE Awards from the Minerals Management Service. Diversification of our operations has brought growth and changed the face of our Company. Today, approximately 90% our reserves come from onshore U.S. Although our operations have evolved, expanded and moved onshore, our commitment to the environment, health and safety has continued and remains an essential part of our culture.

We encourage all of our people to maintain safe operations, minimize environmental impact and conduct their daily business with the highest of ethical standards. We care about the areas in which we live and work. We also believe that it's important to enhance the economic vitality of these areas by giving back and promoting employee volunteerism.

In 2001, we established the Newfield Foundation, allowing us to contribute corporate dollars to organizations. The Foundation is funded through monthly contributions and the proceeds are allocated to organizations active in our geographic focus areas. Requests for donations are screened by a diverse panel of our employees which makes the final allocations. Our continued financial success has enabled us to fund many non-profit and charitable organizations. This is just one of the ways that we are giving back.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are important to our employees, management, our Board of Directors, our investors, our communities and the general public. It is important for us to share information about our operations and the impact in the areas in which we are active.

Our efforts on sustainability and responsibility outlined in this website include the following areas:


Newfield Volunteerism/Matching Gifts and the Newfield Foundation
Community and Employee Development
Compensation and Ownership
Our Commitment to Ethical Business Practices


Environmental Stewardship
Natural Gas Star Program
Company Discharge Statistics


A coordinated safety training program across producing regions that includes participation by contractors and vendors
Recordable Injuries and Day Away Restricted Transferred (DART) statistics

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- Lee K. Boothby, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer


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Lee K. Boothby,
Chairman, President and CEO
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