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University of Oklahoma Students Visit Newfield Rig

Sep 28, 2016
University of Oklahoma students visit a Newfield rig in the Company's SCOOP play to gain knowledge of a working rig.


In an effort to educate and inform others about the oil and gas industry, we often conduct field tours of our operations. Recently, we escorted a group of 26 students from the University of Oklahoma on a rig tour. All are juniors at OU and for many of them, it was the first time they had an opportunity to tour a working rig and witness oil and gas operations underway.

The students, who are preparing for a future career as landmen, were amazed at how much work and process goes into drilling a well. According to Steve Long, director of the Robert M. Zinke Energy Management Program at OU, “the students appreciated the access they were given to the facility and the professional treatment they received from Newfield.”

A number of experts from both Newfield and its service companies spent time with the students—showing them directional tools, the mud house and products, bits and the rig floor.