Newfield in the News

Newfield Holds Successful Food Drive for Meals on Wheels

Jan 27, 2017
Team Newfield packed 1,175 nutritious breakfast bags for 550 seniors in Montgomery County ensuring a healthy and fresh second meal.


What teamwork and collaboration! Team Newfield and their families stepped up to pack 1,175 bags for the recent Meals on Wheels Montgomery County Breakfast Bag Drive. This was more than double the amount needed for the 550 seniors who currently receive Meals on Wheels.

The breakfast bags had to be stacked from floor to ceiling to fit in the Meals on Wheels cargo van, and a second vehicle was called in to haul the additional bags.

Employees and their families also demonstrated their creativity by decorating bags with ribbon and designs as well as jokes, inspirational quotes and crossword puzzles. All in all, it was a very successful drive.

Meals on Wheels provides a fresh and nutritious meal to seniors each weekday, but for most of these seniors, one meal a day just isn’t enough. The Breakfast Bags program was initiated to provide a reliable and nonperishable second meal to Meals on Wheels recipients. The breakfast bags are delivered to seniors with their Meals on Wheels hot meals. 

There are 180 Meals on Wheels volunteers in Montgomery County who feed 550 homebound seniors each weekday—an amazing feat. Thank you Meals on Wheels for all that you do for our seniors.