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Newfield Foundation Contributes $1,002,500 to Charities

Mar 29, 2018
Grants awarded to charities across Oklahoma, Utah, North Dakota and Texas.


The Newfield Foundation awards grants annually to organizations in each of the areas in which the Company operates. This year, the Foundation awarded $1,002,500 to 39 charities across Texas, Oklahoma, Utah and North Dakota.

“We have always had a belief that we should support the communities where our employees not only work, but live,” said Lee K. Boothby, Newfield chairman, president and CEO. “Strengthening local communities is at the heart of our Foundation and we are proud to be involved in helping to enrich the quality of life of local families.”

The funds support charities in the areas of community service, medical, environmental and cultural arts. Grant recipients for 2018 included food banks, wildlife conservation groups, education and children’s charities, medical centers and arts and industry organizations. This year’s average grant size was nearly $26,000, providing a significant impact in the communities where Newfield operates and its employees live. The sizable grants provide local charities with the resources to make a meaningful difference in their  community.

One of this year’s grant recipients described how the Foundation makes a difference in the lives of low-income families. “Newfield’s grants give hope to low-income families who need a safe, affordable place to call home. When a family is empowered through homeownership, there is a distinct change in the trajectory of the generations that follow. Newfield’s generosity makes an immediate impact today while strengthening our community for generations to come,” said a representative from Habitat for Humanity, Montgomery County.

Because the Foundation is employee-driven, Newfield employees also are encouraged to contribute a portion of their time, talent and personal resources to help where it matters most and to nominate local charities for further consideration.

Learn more about the Newfield Foundation and this year’s grant distribution here.